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Last edited: 23/07/2021
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Isaac Asimov
240 pages
First book in the Foundation trilogy, which is actually part of a greater series of books all linked and taking place in a distant future where people have lived on other planets for so long they've complately forgotten that all of mankind used to live on a single planet called earth..

For aeons the Empire has ruled over it's trillions of citizens living on billions of planets. But all that is to come to an abrupt end. Atleast that's what Harry Seldon claims...

Seldon is a psychologist who has developed a scientific theory called psychohistory, based on the hypothesis that gigantic populations of humans will react and behave in a predictable fashion. Based on this he has conluded that the empire will end and that chaos will rule the galaxy.

As it is statistically impossible to stop the decline his aim is to shorten the Dark Ages to a mere 1000 years by setting up a society that will evolve into a new galactic empire.

This first book tells the tale of how the first Foundation is set up and how the first few generations evolve and influence their surroundings to become more powerfull

This story isn't just about SF and galactic empires but it deals also with humans, they societies they live in and how humans interact as individuals and as society. The style of writing means you never get bored, and you never know what's going to happen next. Although you're of course aware that the whole thing will work out due to plenty of suprises in the plot you're never quite sure how they're going to get there... Obligatory reading!!!
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