About us

The people behind this site are myself, Michel, and my wife Vithleem.

We live in the UK together, I'm from the Netherlands originally and Vithleem is from Greece.

As I love creating web sites and I was pursuing a career in web development I needed somewhere to profile myself and my web design skills, so I was looking for ideas when Vithleem came up with the idea to create a web site about books, as we're both avid readers and we love to discuss books.

This site is served to you from our very own web server, a HP Proliant ML115 Optiplex with AMD 1210 2 * 1800 Mhz Dual Core CPU and 3072 Mb memory. It's running Ubuntu 10.04LTS with Apache 2.2.14, PHP 5.3.2 and MYSQL 5.1.41.

The books reviews are stored in a MySQL database and extracted with SQL using php scripts. The backend administration is also done using the same means. For a demonstration please enter the admin section and enter as guest.

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