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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Jules Verne
Among The Cannibals
528 pages
The content of a shark’s stomach contains a bottle that holds notes written in three different languages. Much of the notes are indecipherable; however, together they may reveal the location of the whereabouts of Captain Harry Grant, whose ship the Britannia was lost over two years ago. While the latitude of Grant is known from the note, the longitude is a mystery.

Clues from the notes point to the South American coast as the probable location of the shipwreck. Lord Glenarvan makes it his quest to find Grant; together with his wife, Harry Grant's children (Mary and Robert) and the crew of his yacht the Duncan they set off on the chase. An unexpected passenger in the form of French geographer Jacques Paganel joins the search.

I got hold of an late 19th century edition, which is rather amazing. It makes reading this book rather special to realize that this book's been in print for over a 100 years. Which implies that it must be a pretty compelling read. Whilst it is a bit dated, and somewhat predictable with regards to certain elements, overall it's still inventive and surprising enough to be worth reading.

Recommended therefore!
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