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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Brad Thor
320 pages
When local authorities are called to a rural community in New Hampshire, they discover four bodies, carelessly slain. The names raise a red flag in the Intelligence community, beginning calls high up the chain of command. With ties to all those slain, one name being suggested as a potential shooter is Scot Harvath, but could he really have killed these people? It turns out not, as Harvath is aboard a covert plane somewhere in Russia, chained to a seat by mercenaries who have no worries about treating their prisoner poorly. When the plane goes down, Harvath is the only survivor, but perhaps not for long. He is in the middle of the Russian wilderness during the height of winter, with only the howling of the wind and wolves to keep him company. If he wants to stay alive, he will have to use all his training to find safety. In Moscow, the news of the crash raises the ire of senior officials, who had hoped for a smooth ‘snatch and grab’ of the Intelligence operative. Now, they will have to locate the wreckage and capture Harvath again. In Washington, those close to Harvath cannot believe that he would be responsible, but know that he was in New Hampshire. They discover that he may have been covertly removed from the country and begin their own mission to extricate him, while not tipping the balance of international diplomacy. Russia has all but declared war on America with such an act, but that is for the politicians to iron out. While working on a plan to get to safety, Harvath will have to survive and stay off the proverbial radar. When he comes to a small community near the Finnish border, he does all he can to stay alive and one step ahead of his captors. The race is on to find Harvath and to the winner comes the spoils. With an international disaster looming below the surface, the new Cold War could be close.

Secret agents from all sides just flying around the world killing people randomly without repercussion, feels like a plot that's taking liberties with reality a little, if it weren't happening in reality..

Still, enjoyable read if not a little over-the-top
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