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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Luis Miguel Rocha
The Holy Assassin
574 pages
Deep in the Vatican's inner sanctum lies a dark and terrifying secret.. a secret that has been concealed for decades, and one that its keepers will stop at nothing to protect.

In 1978 Pope John Paul I dies in mysterious circumstances. His successor, John Paul II, emerges from the conclave unaware that he is in mortal danger. It is only through the actions of a few loyal operatives that his assassination is prevented.

Thirty years later journalist Sarah Monteiro begins to uncover the sinister machinations of a covert agency, whose web of lies and injustice hides the true power behind the throne.

It would seem that the dark forces are still at large, and Sarah faces a life-or-death struggle in the name of truth and faith.

Really not the best novel I've read all year, the story is somewhat interesting, but the style is dreadful, with constant lecturing intrusions by the author, along the lines of "...we need not concern ourselves where the man had come from, suffice to say that he was there...". It might be due to the translation, as it was originally written in portuguese, but it really didn't work very well in english..

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