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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Philip Reeve
Predators Gold
330 pages
Reeve's story of cities on wheels, flying over a ravaged future Earth is compelling. With characters that you care passionately for, action that leaves you lost for words and inventiveness that takes some beating.

Two years after their escape aboard the airship (the Jenny Haniver) at the end of Mortal Engines, Tom and Hester, now lovers, find themselves the twin objects of attention of a terrorist organisation called Green Storm. In the misguided belief that the grotesquely incomplete preserved body of their hero, Anna Fang, can be resurrected to ensure their anti-traction goals, they cite Tom and Hester as essential capture targets.

But when they take shelter aboard the once-magnificent city of Anchorage, after a bruising air battle with some of Green Storm's gun ships, Tom and Hester encounter a whole new set of problems. This prestigious ice city is heading disastrously towards America, the fabled Dead continent, under the guidance of the fraudulent explorer Pennyroyal. There is danger everywhere and the travellers must be careful to survive.

Eventually they find themselves uncovering a plot to change the course of the world.

As this is a sequal and I haven't yet read the first part, it took some getting used to how their world works, but it does so surprisingly well. Perhaps somewhat illogical, and a little light, but despite (or perhaps because of) this being a kids book, I really enjoyed it.

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