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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Suzanne Power
The Lost Soul Reunion
318 pages
Tale about a woman and her life story. Number 1 on the list of the worst book I have read this year! I have to admit I did not actually finish it in the end; I read 200 pages of it and could not bare it any longer. A far too long continuous stream of drivel, far fetched coincidences and ethereal crap all loosely linked together by constant referrals to tarot cards.

Sive, a 42 year old woman sits in front of her fireplace and tells the tale of her family, running through the lives of her grandmother, her mum, herself, etc. All the men are either bastards or stupid and the women are all suffering immense were it not for the strong sisterly bond between them.

Her grandmother married the wrong guy and got pregnant; the daughter fled to London and became a prostitute after also getting pregnant, lost the child and got another one, Sive. They survived all these ordeals thanks to Myrna, a mysterious ethereal woman and card reader who always comes up with all the right answer, and Gran who comes to London after her husband dies to save them.

They go back to Ireland where Sive ends up working in a mental institute where she gets hooked up with a 70 year old guy who she saves from lethargy and who coincidentally turns out to be the same guy that took her photograph years ago when she was still living in London with her mum. All this takes 200 pages, mostly filled with talk about destiny and tarot cards. I thought that perhaps it was down to this being a book for women but even Vicky didn't like it so it is probably just because it is really a waste of time to try and read this book..
Not even worth picking up from the bargain basket!
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