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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Elstob Peter
Warriors for the Working Day
320 pages
WWII Novel telling the tale of tanksoldiers during the final stages of WWII, following squad of soldiers on their way through Europe. Mostly focussing on the duality that war brings to those involved..

Following a group of tank soldiers from the buildup to D-day a tale unfolds on friendship, courage, and fear as our soldiers battle their way against germans, superiors and general disasters. One by one they dissapear, only to be replaced by others, each with their own history, and their own tale on how to became to be a tank soldier.

Peter Elstob should know how it feels to be a tank soldier as he served in WWII as one, and it shows. There's a sense of realism and understanding that clearly can only be achieved from experience. This makes it a rather touching experience to read, and the atmosphere isn't so much gung-ho but more a struggle for survival and an attempt to make sense of a senseless situation.

Definetely recommended!
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Ellis Peters
One Corpse Too Many
176 pages
Second crime novel about Cadfael, monk, herbalist, and detective. In 1138 King Stephen and Empress Maud, grandchildren of William the Conqueror are fighting a civil war to decided to will inherit the throne. Shrewsbury Castle is a bastion of Maud's forces under FitzAlan and Adeney untill it's conquered by Stephen's army. 94 of Maud's soldier are killed and Brother Cadfael is called upon to prepare the 94 corpses for burial.

Things get interesting when discovers an extra dead body, which clearly shows signs of murder. Now he must discover the murderer's identity and purpose..

All the characters are having quite a modern feel to them which might not be quite historically accurate. The plot is perhaps a bit thin, but the characters are built up well and it's rather enjoyable altogether really
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Running Apache