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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Sara Paretski
Indemnity Only
211 pages
Indemnity Only is the first of Sara Paretsky's thrillers starring V. I. Warshawski.

Victoria Iphegenia ("Vic" to her friends) Warshawski,the daughter of a Chicago policeman and a graduate of the University of Chicago, started of as a former public defender. Trying to find a more satisfying way of helping people than practicing law, she became a P.I.

A mysterious client asks her to look for a young girl. Her investigation soon uncovers a dead boy and signs of a criminal conspiracy. V.I. confronts her client with this and promptly gets fired. Her client and the police want her to think that the murder is related to leftist terrorism or drugs; but V.I. is leaning more towards suspecting the large insurance company where the victim worked...

Great Thriller, mostly due to the excellent way the lead character is presented. Those interested in strong, independent female characters will enjoy the book, and although the plot is not that exceptional or distinctive it still makes for excellent reading...
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