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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Michael Palin
256 pages
Michael Palin, former Monthy Python member, is the master of travelling to wonderful places that even the most ardent backpacker will never reach. For this trip the plan is to travel 10,000 miles across the world's largest desert, the magical and mythical Sahara..

He manages once again to bring life into the most inhospitable of locations, whether it's eating camel with displaced people, watching the Dakar Rally from a sand dune or sharing a meal with a national poet, Michael Palin writes and narrates in a fashion that allows you to drift into complete absorption and feel like you're right there with him, and wishing you were there.

Sahara is his latest expedition into the unknown and builds strongly on previous voyages around the Pacific Rim, from North to South Pole and the original grand journey, Around the World in Eighty Days. Although it lacks some of the visual spectacle of the TV series thanks to some wonderfully vibrant photo's and great writing the book nevertheless manages to captivate the reader..

Palin takes you to the back of the back of beyond. Far away from the world of the normal travel writer and right into the homes and lives of the people he meets. Whether they're living in shacks make from old oil drums hammered flat, or sharing a library with a cockerel, all of the characters that he meets are real and full of life.

Writing with his usual dry humour this is a great traveling novel and offers some wonderfull insights into the mysterious world that is the Sahara.
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