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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Larry Niven
215 pages
Humoristic little interpretation of the classic Dante novel. Alan Carpentier, a self-acclaimed, world famous Sci-Fi writer drinks too much at a convention whilst showing off for fans, and promptly falls out an eighth-floor window. He wakes up in a brass bottle in the vestibule of Hell, and Inferno details his adventures trying to work his way out.

A lot of Dante is recalled, but the authors have more a lot more fun with the damned, making up a few newer sins to bring the tale up-to-date, things such as a book collector who kept hoarding beyond the capabilities of his storage, and lost priceless books to mildew, rats, and insects, a hoarder and a waster at the same time. The writer is released from his bottle by a big guy named Benito, who assumes a role as guide and helper to move Carpentier through the depths of Hell, and promptly gets the shaft from Carpentier when the writer figures out who he really is.

Their journey through Hell is difficult, to say the least, but the authors hold out hope for the final salvation of the books characters. Not an easy road, but possible anyway. They encounter many a tortured soul and the ending is rather surprising..

Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle made a faster-moving version of the original with many cheecky additions which makes one wonder whether a trip to Hell could actually be fun? Definitely Recommendable!

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