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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Bill Napier
Shattered Icon
416 pages
Historic thriller about an antique map dealer in a sleepy english village who gets asked to investigate a mysterious 400 year old journal recovered in Jamaica. As soon as he gets a hold of the journal strange things start to happen, he's being followed and people are trying to talk him into handing over the journal for ridiculous sums of money.. When he then tries to contact the owner he finds he was murdered in his own home..

Together with the owner's daughter and a fellow antiques expert he tries to unravel the mysteries that lie within the dusty old sheets of paper hidden away for so long.. They end up going to Jamaice to trace it's origin, and go back further in history then they could have ever dreamt..

Excellently written thriller, a definite page turner with a good plot, although perhaps a little light on the actual historics, and a little too hollywood with all the pretty and handsome antiques experts around..
The ending feels a little like an afterthought for a hollywood happy ending, but it's definetely worth considering if you're in need something easy and entertaining!
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