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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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David Morell
Assumed Identity
462 pages
Brendan Buchanan is a deepcover agent who hasn't been himself for years. If an old friend asks him for help and he finds himself having to be himself again he discovers how difficult that can be..

this is the story of Brendan Buchanan, undercover intelligence operative and master of over two hundred false identities: a man forced to assume the most elusive and treacherous identity of all'his own. Tracking the most devastating conspiracy he has ever encountered, trapped by his love for two enigmatic beautiful women, he will race through a sinister labyrinth of intrigue to a shattering rendezvous with fate, in a novel that not only offers a brilliant, action-packed plot and fascinating characters, but asks daring, provocative questions about our own identities as well. The beginning of his nightmare occurs in Cancun, Mexico, where Buchanan's lastest alias is brutally unmasked. Racing through a torturous escape route, he is shocked to discover that his controllers will no longer give him a hew identity. For the first time in eight years, he will have to be himself. But after spending so much time assuming different identities, he no longer knows who he is.

Suddenly, he receives a mysterious postcard, a coded, unmistakable plea for help. Its source is Juana Mendez, a former partner who had posed as his wife six years earlier, countless missions ago. In his quest for Juana, Buchanan is thrust into a stark wilderness of mirrors and faced with a harrowing conspiracy. Yet he finds the unreadable maze of his own mind as dangerous as the harsh, chilling world that assails him from without. His partner in the search is Holly McCoy, a reporter whose beauty is matched only by her determination to penetrate Buchanan's multilayered psychological armor and write her subject's true story.

Seeking one woman, while inexorably drawn to another, Buchanan relentlessly follows a seductive but deadly trail from Key West to New Orleans, from San Antonio to Mexico City. Ultimately he will find the truth about Juana, and even the truth about himself if he can survive. The ranks of expertise on Mayan hieroglyphs are reduced by two, as both an American and a Russian professor enlisted to decipher the runic pictographs on a temple wall die suddenly...

Great story which is not just filled with action and non stop adrenaline but also with question regarding one's identity. It gives a chilling insight to what it would feel like to really being nobody...
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