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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Patrick Mercer
To Do And Die
376 pages
Historic war novel which deals with the Crimean war. Written by TV journalist/MP and ex-military Mercer, it's rather dreadfull...

I have to first of all admit I failed to finish this book, only the 3rd time in my entire book reading life, which should say enough. Having wrestled myself through 67 pages of it I could no longer bare to waste precious minutes of my life on this waste of paper.

Under the tagline of "The closest most of us will ever get to military action" hides a novel so repetitive and predictable that you'd never ever think of joining the army it it were true.

Starting of it a description of battle during the Crimean war which basically consists of one actor after another getting shot in various gruesome ways, we suddenly find ourselves back in the past in the prelude to war of main character Lieutenant Anthony Morgan, with the customary dealings regarding Eligable Ladies and some dull dialogue with retirees discussing regiments and reminiscing about their old battles.

All so predictable and written in such a dull and repetitive style I decided to give up and move on to the next book..

I'm certain Mr Mercer is a great subject matter expert and perhaps for his peers this is a worthwhile read, but despite being a istory afficionado myself I failed to see the appeal..

Definetely not recommended!
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