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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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John McLaren
Running Rings
360 pages
When big firms hit the skids they call in management consultants. But when the business is crime, both consultants and criminals are in for a shock...

The Hills have hit hard times. Their latest drugs operation has, literally, been beached on the south coast of England, and the restaurants and clubs they own as fronts are haemorrhaging cash.

As head of the villainous dynasty, it falls to Ronnie to work on their profitability. Meanwhile, Ronnie's daughter Primrose has hitched up with Rupert, a hotshot management consultant. She wants nothing to do with the seedy world of organised crime and Rupert seems as straight as the razor edges of his credit card. But secretly Ronnie sets up in partnership with Rupert and their business starts to boom. With Rupert's brilliant business brain and the Hills' criminal muscle, the ingenious crimes they conspire to commit look set to make their fortune. But when Rupert falls for an aristocratic femme fatale he needs to ditch Primrose in a hurry and find a way to dodge Ronnie's wrath so they can continue unimpeded with one last, incredibly lucrative crime. But Rupert reckons without the cunning of a woman scorned and a villain's very personal style of justice.

Little too ready for hollywood, with some pow wow, kaboom thrown in for special effects it's clear that literary prose is nowhere to be found in this sad excuse for a novel. The idea itself is already far fetched enough, but all the stereotypical crap and the hollywood feelgood fact ending certainly make sure you're not going to get even one minute of enjoyment out of this pile of rubbish.

Don't bother!
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Running Apache