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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Camilla Lackberg
The Hidden Child
504 pages
What do entries in a diary, a Nazi Iron Cross medal, and a retired history professor found murdered in his chair by teens who broke into his house have in common? Secrets. A dreadful secret held by a scared young man who escaped into Sweden, fleeing the Germans. Secret payments to a man by the murdered victim. A horrific secret held by a group of young friends in the 1940s. Someone is out to protect those secrets at all costs.

Patrik Hedstrom has to only participate in this murder investigation on the fringe because he's supposed to be on paternity leave. His wife, Erica, starts to read some of her mother's old diaries and is inadvertently drawn into this investigation.

This psychological thriller takes us into the world of resistance fighters during WWII and the risks taken by them, including that of being captured by the Nazis and placed in concentration camps, the strength of friendship and family bonds.

After a bit of a slow start, it's a page turner that holds you in its tight grip and you can't put it down until after all secrets are laid bare.
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