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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Cummins Joseph
History's Great Untold Stories
360 pages
A rather interesting collection of historical events you've probably never heard of, or never knew much about.

Readers encounter William the Silent, a Dutch monarch whose assassination may have triggered the 1588 launch of the Spanish Armada and led Queen Elizabeth I to create the first known attempt at gun control. Another chapter introduces Rabban Sauma, a thirteenth-century Christian monk sent by Kublai Khan to seek a Christian-Mongol alliance against Muslims. There is also the remarkable story of twelve anti-slavery activists who fought the prevailing business and political establishment of their day to outlaw slavery in England, using tactics that have become tools of the trade for every grassroots movement that has followed.

Filled with fascinating sidebars, narratives, maps, illustrations, and concise biographies, this new volume gathers up the rich details that Western history left on the cutting room floor and turns them into stories that shed light on both vanquished and victor over the ages.

Well written, and insightfull, this is a book for those who need a break from western history, as this is where most of the events occur. Most of the facts you could probably get from Wikipedia, but there's some valuable insights thrown in.

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