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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Eowyn Ivey
To The Bright Edge Of The World
476 pages
Adventure novel, set for the most part in 1885. Written in the style of the journals of Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester, and his journey from Perkins Island up the Wolverine River, as part of an opening up of Alaska. Not only for the sourcing of gold and copper, but for transport, settlements and trade.

Forrester`s quite terrifying and challenging journey through an isolated, beautiful and dangerous landscape is intersperced with the diary written by his young wife, Sophie, left behind in Vancouver Barracks, Washington Territory, to wait for her husband`s return, which is likely to take a year. There are also other journals from Lieutenant Pruitt, one of Forrester`s party, whose role is to manage various scientific instruments to record the weather, and also, with photography as a fairly new medium, to curate a visual record of the ground-breaking journey. As the vast territory is also home to Native Americans who have inhabited the land, a trapper who is familiar with some of the languages spoken by the different tribes, is also part of Forrester`s party.

Although it`s a bit annoying that there`s actually not that much adventure or exploring, and it`s actually more about Sophie, it`s really a entertaining read.

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