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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Greg Iles
Dark Matter
519 pages
Techno thriller about a supercomputer with divine tendencies. Starts of quite promising but the fast paced plot gets stretched a bit too far when things almost grind to a halt later on..

David Tennant is a physician who's been assigned by the President himself to supervise the ethical side of things at a new top-secret government project run by Peter Godard, a legend in the super computer building scene. Whilst gathering data for the project David and a few of the other heads of the project get their brains scanned with a very advanced MRI scanner, with unexpected results..

Haunted by dreams and sudden outbursts of narcolepsy David tries to find answers with psychologist Rachel Weiss, who's of course beautiful and available.. As things spiral out of control they find themselves hunted not only by the project's security but also by the NSA. David decides they need to hide somewhere where noone will be able to find them so they return to his hometown to hide, only to find the enemy seems to know more about him then should be humanly possible..

Apart from the usual cliche's it's quite an entertaining read, if you manage to get through the increasing amount of endless discussion about God and the meaning of life towards the end of it.. The action is well written, good dialogue and although the technological ideas seem somewhat far fetched they don't get in the way of making this a recommended read. Wouldn't be surprised to see this turned into a Hollywood Blockbuster at some point..
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