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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Roy Hounsell
The Papas and the Englishman: From Corfu to Zagori
224 pages
Tale of now only a move from the UK to Greece, but fom the touristic side to the totally rural part of the country.

The story kicks off with Hounsell realising - after having been made `redundant' - that as a 38-year old he will not find another job in marketing. With his wife he emigrates to Corfu hoping to find better soil for living. Looking after pools, gardens and homes on the island they manage to get by very well. During a holidaytrip to the mainland of Northwest Greece however the Hounsells become enchanted by a region known as Zagoria. So, six years after having landed on Corfu, Hounsell and his wife move to one of Zagorias small villages, Koukouli, to start a bed
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