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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Dashiell Hammett
The Dain Curse
208 pages
Hard Boiled thriller of the one of the best writers in the genre.
Actually a combination of three earlier short novels it's a tale of 3 episodes.

The Continental Op is a elderly PI cynically working his way through life from case to case. In this novel he is called to investigate the theft of some diamonds. As soon as he arrives on site the whole story is given to him has a the "wrong" vibes. First he find out that the diamonds aren't really very valuable, and then he finds there's rumours of a family curse and murder...

After resolving the missing diamonds case, he is called back to protect Gabrielle, the daughter of the house, who has got herself involved with a religious cult.
From there, the action moves to the beachfront town of Quesada for some final twists and turns, and the climax, which are satisfying.

Although a good suspense thriller the characters are a bit one dimensional. Not that this seems to hinder the enjoyment in anyway, it's still a mighty good page-turner!
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