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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Bear Grylls
Ghost Flight
435 pages
Former SAS man Will Jaeger finds himself in the notorious Black Beach prison in the African island nation of Bioko. An island he's been on teaching the local village children English for the last three years - basically ever since his wife and son were abducted from a hiking holiday without a trace. After being wrongly accused of being involved in a failed coup to overthrow the dictatorship on the island, Jaeger's friend and former SAS colleague comes to rescue him and they effectively bust out. Back in London, Jaeger is informed of an expedition to the Amazon Rainforest to locate and recover a downed WWII aeroplane, an expedition he's asked to lead. During the briefing Jaeger is informed that the previous expedition leader and freind was killed whilst training the team that are heading to South America. Finally accepting the challenge, Jaeger and his team are off on what could either be the expedition of their lives.....or the expedition to die for.

This is easy enough to read but I doubt it would be published if the author wasn't famous for other reasons.
One star goes because of clichéd writing, continuous adjective/noun combinations and repetitive use of "appeared to be"/"apparently".
E.g. ...were standing in a darkened room, before what appeared to be a long glass wall . On the far side was a group of individuals enjoying a cold lunch buffet, apparently oblivious to the fact that they were being watched.
That may not seem bad but it grates after a while and stops the reader becoming engaged.
The second star goes because the story is far-fetched, inconsistent* and leaves you hanging at the end so you buy the next book. Unfortunately I don't care what happens next so won't be buying it.
* inconsistent because (for example) "the dark force" seems to have limitless power but the story is inconsistent in the way they use it - the hero thinks they've stopped chasing him when it's plain they wouldn't stop. They can unleash missile-packing drones, unmarked helicopters and 60 heavily armed mercenaries in the amazon and hack his email, but they don't search his apartment or his boat and don't just kidnap him, his friends and his parents when it would be easy to do so.
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