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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Alex Garland
The Tesseract
352 pages
Second book from the author of "The Beach". Basically the book tells the story of several scenarios which, are ultimately brought together through a series of events and circumstances. Firstly we have Sean, waiting for mob gangster Don Pepe in the most run down forgotten hotel in Manila fighting with his thoughts and emotions. Next we have a Filipino family living out in the suburbs in Manila, some street kids trying to stay alive on the mean streets of manila, and a wealthy student researching their lives.

Garland manages to provide sound descriptions of all the characters personalities and backgrounds through a series of flashbacks, memories and thoughts, and his style is concise and very readable. The problems arise from what appers to be an urge to make this a really clever book, and it's really too clever for it own good.

Changing not only timelines but even persona mid chapter feel more like an effort to intentionally confuse the reader rather then a clever method to write a book, and the only reason to finish the book is because you know all the storylines are going to merge eventually but you just want to confirm that what you suspect might happen is correct.

It feels like after his great success with "The Beach", which I must admit I haven't yet read, Alex Garland is trying a bit too hard to trump his first attempt by artifically making this book difficult to follow, which is I feel rather lazy and disrespectfull of us, his readers

Basically, don't bother..
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