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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Robert Finn
416 pages
Insurance Agent David Braun, single, martial arts expert and bored with life, gets called out to assist a valued customer with a violent break in at their offices. Two men have apparently violently murdered each other whilst breaking in to an office building. When he arrives he finds the police out of their depth and he decides to have a go at pointing them in the right direction.

He discovers traces of a third man who seems to have mysteriously dissapeared without a trace. The owner of the company, a Mr Dass, is so impressed with David's work that he calls him over to his office to request he stay on the case, not just to solve the crime but also, mainly, to recover something that was stolen..

David sets out to find the whereabouts of the stolen item, a mysterious ancient artifact. He calls in the help of an expert in the field, who of course turns out to be female, attractive, single and strong willed..

Together they set out to crack the case, only to find out they might be fighting more then they had bargained for...

Well written tale, bit predictable of course, and getting a little far fetched at the end.. Character aren't bad, stories flows quite well and there's never a dull moment. Despite appearances, perhaps not just another Da Vinci Code ripoff..
Good Read!
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