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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Nicholas Evans
The Loop
560 pages
The first book after the global success story that is " The Horsewhisperer". Part romantic grovelnovel, part history, part fact, part fiction, and not enough parts wolf.

The main premise of The Loop revolves around the reintroduction of wolves to the Yellowstone area, and the effect on the farming community as such. Having hunted wolves to extinction last century the locals are obviously no big wolf fans, so when a wolf is caught killing big local farmers Buck Calder's daughter's dog all hell breaks loose in Hope, a little Wisconsin village.

Dan Prior, local agent for the US Fish 'n Wildlife Service desperately needs help to contain the situation, so he enlistst the help of Helen Ross, former one-time lover and unemployed biologist, in order to track the wolves.

Of course there's the usual tension between them once she gets there, not helped by her falling in love with Luke, son of big bad Buck Calder. Who aren't on the best terms anyway as Buck doesn't just hate wolves but also cheats on his wife, Luke's mom..

Predicatebly, all the expected confrontations occur, with the expected outcome, and it all ends with a nice Hollywood style finish.

As you might have deduced by now I'm no big fan, it all just feels a little to predictable and easy. As someone with a bit of knowledge on wolves there was dissapointingly little part for them to play, bar a few pages here and there. Most of the characters are well defined, but stereotypical, and although there's some well written insights into people's reasoning overall it feels rather gutless and uninspired.

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