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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Stanley Ellin
The Luxembourg Run
272 pages
A rather badly executed novel following the "revenge is best served cold" theme. A rich heir gives up his life to join the masses, and gets caught up on the wrong side of the law.. The first half of the book sets up the hero's betrayal by his fellow criminals; when he miraculously comes into a large fortune, we are prepared for a "Count of Monte Cristo" style masquerade and ingenious trap-the-trappers finale.

Alas, as soon as our hero shows up (disguised) in his old haunts, inquiring about his previous persona, the villains panic and kill each other off without even a last word or a shock-recognition-regret scene. A lot of careful scene setting and plotting goes totally to waste by the end.

Entertaining but not as good as it could have been were some of the plot lines following more in depth. Worth reading nevertheless!
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