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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Fjodor.M. Dostojevski
White Nights
160 pages
This is a tragic love story about a man who has never achieved anything in his live because he spends his days walking through life dreaming and fantasizing about the people he encounters. He therefore has no actual friends, just people he walks past every day and who are to him his friends..

One evening in winter however he comes into contact with a girl who was crying salty tears whilst gazing across the towns river. The two talk for the rest of the evening, and they agree to meet again the next day. But she makes him promise he will not fall in love with her. Obviously he has fallen for her already, but he pretends to only be a good friend just to be near her. It appears that she already has a fiancee, who has left her almost a year ago to make money elsewhere. He has granted her permission to find another man, since he wanted the freedom to do the same, but she has promised him to wait for him for one year, on which he promised to return to her within that period of time if, he still had the same feelings.

Together they sit and wait every evening until the last day has come. Once again the fiancee does not show up and heavily disappointed the girl breaks out in tears, on which the man forgets his promise and admits his love to her. She admits to having similar feelings toward him and together they make plans for her to move in with him. Then suddenly they see a man wondering around aimlessly . As soon as she sees him she lets go of our main character and hurdles towards what turns out to be the lost lover. Disillusioned he turns away and walks home. Whilst he walks away she calls for him and tells him she would very much like them to stay friends. He nods his head and walks away.
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