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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Stephen Dando-Collins
Legions Of Rome
578 pages
There are so many books about the Roman Army and Roman Legions that when something like this one comes along it needs to stand out. It does stand out in terms of thickness ( it's literally a heavyweight) it stands out from the author who has written about Roman Legions in his well known novels and it does stand out in providing a comprehensive analysis of all the legions but and there is but..it could and should have been much better. If you thunk of some of the ground breaking work by Peter Connolly or the Osprey series, this was an opportunity to produce something quite literally monumental. What lets the book down is that the illustrations are not very helpful, the histories seem dry and there isnt a sense of overall coherence as to where the history of the legions fit together. It's OK but it could have been amazing.

As it stands it's just to boring and dry, only at the end does some sense of feeling come into
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