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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Orson Scott Card
Lost Boys
512 pages
Supernatural thriller about Step Fletcher, his wife DeAnne, and their children. After having moved to Steuben, North Carolina, for Step's new job the family is haunted by various problems whilst they slowly adjust to their new community. Eight-year-old son Stevie however is haunted by something else it seems, as he starts acting strnagely and spends all his spare time with his imaginary friends. Preoccupied with settling into their new home, Step and DeAnne fail to understand the connection between Stevie's new "friends", the large amounts of insects wandering through their houser from time to time and the disappearance of several young boys in the area over the past few years.

Things don't start picking up until the very end of the novel, but the read until the point is quite good.
This powerfull horror story is not concerned with the usual gore and slaughter but with slowly unravelling of the everyday horrors - alienation by peers, bad bosses, anxiety over finances - into supernatural horrors. Very dark and haunting this is definitely one recommended read!
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Orson Scot Card
Ender's Game
384 pages
Intruiging Sci-Fi novel about a boy who's trained to be a soldier in a war between the human race and an alien race.

Andrew Wiggin, nickname Ender, is a genius. Just what the high command of the fleet are looking for. Even though he's only six he get's send to Battle School to get trained to command his fellow troops in the field. But for some reason the usual procedures are completely ignored and Ender is pushed to the limits as his superiors throw everything they can think of at him. Together with the loyal troop of soldiers he manages to survive it all only to be transfered to the final stage of training, Command School, years before his time.. where his training becomes even more frantic and intense.

The main attraction of this novel isn't so much the story which is incredible enough as it is but the way it is written and the way the characters are so believable. The despair and insecurity almost drips of the pages as you follow Ender through the story, never knowing why he's being trained so intensively and who he's fighting, or even knowing who he is actually fighting for..

The tale of a little boy facing situations were even adults would struggle to cope is certainly engaging, and the ending is so surprising and almost shocking that it makes this book a definite must-read!
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Running Apache