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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Ray Bradbury
Death Is A Lonely Business
270 pages
Hard boiled detective story of sorts, this book primarily is a thriller with a starring role for a writer living in Venice, California, where the local carnival pier is being demolished. Whilst wandering around the demolition site he discovers the body of Willie Smith, underwater and trapped in a disused lion cage. If that isn't mysterious enough already strange shadowy figure then begin appearing in hallways and outside windows at night and the number of murders in the neighbourhood suddenly increases.

Our hero teams with local police detective Elmo Crumley -- reluctantly, at first, on Crumley's part -- to solve the case. Unfortunately the primary witness is a blind man, so they only lead they have are the writer's intuition and some articles that went missing from the deceased's residences.

The book is written in a unique style, very atmospheric, mysterious and alluring, but quite dark. The plot's a bit strange but the ending is frankly a little light and brings the whole thing down a bit. Still, thanks to the featured characters, who really get to you, and the story overall, it does make for an enjoyable read!
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