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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Sam Bourne
The Righteous Men
556 pages
Da Vinci Code style thriller, starring Will, a crack journalist raised in England but now the coming man at the New York Times. He can, therefore, track down his wife's abductors pretty easily to a tiny and extremely Hassidic quarter of Brooklyn when he finds she's been kidnapped. Here he is peremptorily, although briefly, snatched and roughed up. First person he goes to for help after trying his dad is an ex-girlfriend, who rather too readily forgives his jilting ways, and drops everything in order to help him decode the mysterious text messages that have started to come in a steady stream from some unknown benefactor..

At the same time, all sorts of oddballs are turning up dead, their only connection a propensity to commit random acts of kindness. Death comes to do-gooders including a pimp with a heart of gold, a techno-geek who has worked out with extraordinary ease how to destroy the world's child pornography websites and a crazed American survivalist keen to give away his extraneous organs.

In truth, despite the welter of Jewish arcana, mysterious bumpings-off and the introduction of a brilliantly sinister newspaper editor called Townsend McDougal, it isn't much of a book, either. It feels too much like it's written with fat movie contract with Hollywood in mind, and not like an honest attempt and improving on the mediocre example that the Da Vinci Code was to start of with.

Only read if you haven't got anything better to do..
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