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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Larry Bond
592 pages
Exhilarating tale of fiction. Set during the reforms of South Africa and the final stages of the Cold War this techo-fiction thriller sees commando troops finding ANC plans for a coup. Through various intrigues the plans end up with one of the ministers of the government, Vorster, who does nothing to prevent the attack... After the attack all the government ministers have been killed, apart from Vorster.. He immediately sets up a new, extremely right-wing, government and turns the country back into a "apartheid" State.

He also invades Namibia in order to expand South African territory. Namibia asks for International aid, to which the communist states respond by sending troops.

High Tech triller, well written even though the story seems a bit unlikely. That's never prevented any book from turning out to be an excellent read however, as is the case with this one..
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