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Last edited: 19/06/2021
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Jane Austen
Pride and Prejudice
400 pages
Despite the fact that hardly anything actually happens in this book it still managed to make for very pleasant reading, because of the brilliant writing.
I must admit i was a little skeptical at reading a romantic novel like this is because it's not really my cup of tea but I'm glad i did and i intend to read some more of her books now.

Anyway, the story is about a women in the late 18th/early 19th century who is at the right age to marry as are her sisters but contrary to most of the women around her she does not believe in solely marrying a man because of how much he makes per annum (although she does manages to fall for a guy who makes big bucks, but let's just call that coincidental..

The strict rules of Victorian society, as represented by her mother, who's only goal it seems to be to have as many daughter married to husbands as wealthy as possible.

Her mother and her clash over a marriage proposal she declines whilst her mother insists she accepts, after which her best friend marries the gentleman in question despite no loving him at all, which disappoints her rather a lot.

Anyway, to cut things short, with a lot of luck and coincidences she finally gets the man we all knew she would get despite them hating each other at first and all sorts of trouble like that.
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