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Last edited: 19/08/2022
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Bernard Cornwell
The Warlords chronicles part 1; The Winterking
512 pages
Fantastic book because it provides a somewhat different look at the King Arthur story. It is a book I felt sorry it had an end, I wanted to keep reading it forever.
It tells the story of an old monk, Derfel, telling the tale of his friendship with Arthur, and the struggles they had to fight...

It portraits a wholly different view of Arthur then the legend might suggest, as an honest man who tries all he can to protect his people but isn't without fault. Despite all his hard work everyone seems to be trying to ruin all his efforts, but with the help of a few friends he does manage to achieve his goal in the end.. But then the Saxon's return...

Filled with brilliant descriptions of gritty warfare and the horrors of medieval battles, politics, an historic moments it's a story not just about the truth behind the legend but about love, friendship and life..
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