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Last edited: 19/08/2022
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Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Shadow of the Wind
403 pages
The Shadow of the Wind is a novel about love in all its wonderfull facets. Absolutely full of stories itself this marvelous tale of intrigue, revenge, war and most of all love, captivates the reader from beginning to end. It is the story of Daniel Sempere, growing up in Barcelona just after the end of the Civil War. One day, aged ten, he is taken by his father, owner of a bookstore, to the \"Cemetery Of Forgotten Books\". It turns out to be a secret, hidden library where forgotten titles are lovingly preserved on a labyrinth of shelves. Daniel is allowed to take one book from any of the shelves, but he must swear to protect it for life. He selects \"The Shadow of the Wind\", a book by an unknown autho named Julian Carax.

That same night he reads the book from beginning to end and he finds himself spellbound. He vows track down out other titles written by Carax, but finds himself unable to do so, as it appears a mysterious stranger has already destroyed all the copies of all of his books.

Carax himself also remains a mystery. No one knows anything much about him, save for rumours that he disappeared following a duel in a cemetary in Paris. The only thing he left behind were his books.. Then a mysterious man approaches Daniel, who refuses to give him the copy of The Shadow of the Wind - which he then hides back in the Cemetery of Forgotten books.

As Daniel grows up he begins to investigate the history of Julian Carax, to discover the truth of his life and death. It is a quest that will bring him, and his friends, into grave danger...

This is a wonderfull tale, resonating with the love of books and of literature. There is a feeling of magic with every turn of the page, and every sentence.. It is full of mystery, and enchanting, intriguing characters. The descriptions are wonderful, lush and delicious

It is not a book without humour and wit, either, and there are some brilliant one-liners. Overall this is sure to be a future classic, a story about loneliness and hate, revenge and sadness, and most of all about love. Anyone who has ever experienced love will surely fall in love with this story.
Definite Winner!
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